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Successful corporations worldwide are able to sustain and retain their competitive edge by continuously improving their offerings to their customers. Innovation has become the part and parcel of the offerings. For Innovation to succeed, the corporations need cost effective products and components yet without compromise on quality..

India has emerged quite successfully as THE destination for outsourcing of IT projects in the past decade and a half. As a second revolution, India is becoming a sought out destination for manufacturing of consumer electronics and components.

Not long ago, making new products in India was considered to be very rare – specifically developing products for the International market. But today, thanks to the significant raise in the quality and standards of the services provided by the Indian companies, many international products are being made in India as well.

We, at Rinanu Semiconductors, specialize solutions and services in power transistor components and mems sensors. Our team's decades of experience in developing and making best-in-class international IT products and Manufacturing has given us the advantage of partnering with well established best-in-class companies in transistors and sensors.

If you are one of the companies that look for developing world-class products, we at Rinanu Semiconductors can make you realize your dreams.

We offer end-to-end wafer to package solutions.

We identify young individuals and nurture their talent to enable them not only to become good engineers but also better individuals, as we strongly believe that the relationship development - be it employee, vendor or customer, all the stakeholders of our organization - is the key to our success.

At Rinanu Semiconductors, we apply indigeneity.

about usAbout us

Our objective, at Rinanu Semiconductors, is to provide best-in-class products worldwide and related services to our customers. In our chosen business space of power transistors and sensors, we believe we have some of the best solutions to offer from our partners. MORE..

Management Team Management Team

Rinanu Semiconductors management team comes with rich experience of working with international companies, developing several international products over the past three decades. The team has an enviable track record of working with some of the large customers worldwide.

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